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Important News 

The  September 2019 News Letter will be available soon. If you require to receive the news letter please would you make contact through the Web site.




If you would like to know more and become a member of 'The Monarch's Way Association' - please see below and use the Email contact link

The joys of a Senior Rights of Way Officer - somewhere on the Monarch's Way! This section has been improved significantly


The Monarch's Way Association

We believe the period of the English Civil Wars to be, at least constitutionally, one of the most important periods of our history.   We also believe that nothing enhances a good walk more than a good theme - we believe The Monarch's Way enjoys both of these ingredients.

The aims of the Association are; to provide a knowledge of the way: to further the historical knowledge of those times: to establish an informal stewardship of the Way; to advise local highway authorities of maintenance issues and to establish and maintain links with like minded organisations.

The Association also creates a Newsletter each half-year giving news of the way, improvements/alterations to the route and any other news items that may be of interest to members. There is no formal subscription fee, all that is required is an email address.

The Monarch's Way Accomodation Guide

The MW Accomodation Guide is in three parts to coincide with each of the three books on The Monarch's Way.

For membership or any other information, please send your email address to







Completion Certificates

If you are an Association member you qualify for a completion certificate for each of the three books completed, plus a certificate if you wish one to evidence completion of the whole of the Way.   The certificates are available free of charge if you have purchased the guide book for that part of the Monarch's Way you are claiming a certificate for. This free offer is limited to 2 completers for each set of guide books. Copies for additional walkers are available by sending a cheque or Paypal payment to the value of £1.00 (UK) for up to 4 certificates and your postal address.  

For the Certificates we shall of course require some evidence - a few photographs etc that will satisfy the criteria, for example.   More information may be obtained by using the email address below.


If you require any information about the Monarch's Way Association please make contact using the address below

'Take time while time is, for the time will away.'   

                                                                                                             (Old English Proverb)

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