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A few selected items from the many that appear in The Monarch's Way Bulletin.


Footpath News


As one might expect, after a period of some 14 years and over a distance of 625 miles, a few changes to the route will inevitably occur.   As a service to Monarch's Wayfarers the Association are in the process of  putting all route changes onto the web site. See the routes changes pages for Books 1,2 and 3.


 FrownIn 1998, South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council spent considerable sums of money (together with European Grants) to create a safer way (by way of a culvert) to negotiate the busy A30 for both the Parrett Trail and, by good fortune, for The Monarch's Way as well - Section 38: Book II.

We are aware that this very short section of culvert near Haselbury Mill was in fact a permissive route and that the occupier, for reasons of which we are unaware and even more surprised, has withdrawn permission.   This means then that walkers are now again faced with having to cross the busy A30 road instead of passing under it.

Whilst both SSDC and SCC are attempting to resolve this problem, as a matter of some urgency, walkers should be guided accordingly and, perhaps realistically, expect any solution to take some time to reach.

'One step forward and one step back!'



The Monarch's Way Accomodation Guide

Visitors are advised that maintenance of the MW Accomodation Guide now rests again with the Association.   This is in three parts to coincide with each of the three books on The Monarch's Way. 

To obtain your copy(s) please state which part you require and email Contact@monarchsway.50megs.com


 The things people say.....!

The following are just a selection of comments made about The Monarch's Way.

'I led some members of the Society of Sussex Downsmen over the last 110 miles from Figsbury Ring to Shoreham Harbour. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who took part - an average of 25 on each day'. (Peter Wales - Sussex)

'I was held up by a broken ankle (sustained on the Ox Drove Way) from an early completion of Book 3 but reached Shoreham on 27 Dec. I had started from Charmouth on 18 March and did the book in 15 stages. Thank you for a most memorable walk which I greatly enjoyed and I have some lovely photographs to remind me of the pleasure of it all - in addition to the photos on the website'.   (Sue Hazell, LDWA).

'We are walking the 'Monarchs' with three different groups, trying to catch up with the Worcester Group. We have so enjoyed it'. (Jeff and Monica - Worcestershire)

'I must end with thanks for all that you have done to make this long distance path through such lovely country'. (John Loch - Wiltshire)

'I would be very pleased to adopt Section 10 - Norton to Boscobel'. (Roger Pendrill -Shropshire - a direct descendent of Richard Penderel)

'...and can confirm that your description of the delights of the route is fully justified'. (John Wills - the second person to walk the whole of the Way!)

'I would like to say thank you for providing some happy miles of walking on The Monarch's Way.' (Dorothy and Colin Lawrence - Staffordshire)

'We enjoyed the walk very much and found it well marked.' (Norman Biddiscombe - Hampshire)

'One of our favourite sections was from Wednesbury to Halesowen which we walked in early December. This involved walking through the 1.75 miles long Netherton tunnel. It certainly was an experience we won't forget.' (Robert Goodyer, Patrol Leader, 1st Crudwell Scout Group)(Wiltshire)

'It was fun working on the Monarch's Way.' (Judith Gradwell. Head of Public Rights of Way for the late, lamented, Avon County Council)

'We thoroughly enjoyed walking Book I. Some of us are hoping to continue to the next book and eventually complete the whole walk.' (Peter Ibison - Staffordshire - Group Leader, Chase & District Ramblers.)

'We are really enjoying doing The Monarch's Way walk, it's very informative and well explained.' (Irene and Brian Hazelwood - Worcestershire)

'I know from the number of enquiries I receive that the Monarch's Way is popular.' (Marilyn Meeks, Rights of Way Officer, Hampshire County Council)

'We did that section as our Christmas Walk and 162 people turned out! We still don't know why so many came....the attractions of The Monarchs Way or too much turkey?' (Footprints of Sussex)

'We have enjoyed walking through the Mendips and across the Somerset Levels. Although the waymarking is generally very good on this section of the walk your guidebook has proved invaluable.' (Mike Goodyer - Wiltshire)

'Again, an enormous thank you for the hard work in setting out and describing the route so imaginatively and meticulously. It was a beautiful route along the Downs - and so much easier on the feet than the South Downs Way!!' (Colin Brooks - Sussex)

'What can we say - 'Thank you' is not enough! We have walked 610 miles through what must be the best countryside in England. From your directions we have been confident enough to set out each day knowing we would reach our destination and find some transport back to base. The local weekend walks turned into overnight stays when we reached the South Cotswolds and then we took holiday accomodation in some beautiful villages as we moved further south and east. We ambled on each day taking in all the points of interest and of course resting our feet at the local inns. We can't wait to see Fecamp. Thank you for your support and for The Monarch's Way Association.' (Janet and Derek Marks & Cara the dog! - Worcestershire)

'I just gave my recovering heel a good test over the Golden Cap section of The Monarch's Way.   What wonderful views!'   (Irene Hazelwood - Worcestershire)

'We had a great time and frequently marvelled at the amazing achievement in creating this route and the many footpaths that have been saved/improved.'   (Lizzy and John Hornsey - Sussex - as far as we are aware, the first End to Enders to have completed the MW in 38 consecutive days).

'We have just spent a superb bank holiday weekend walking from Tresham down to Keynsham.   The sun shone (for most of the time!) and the countryside was at its glorious best - trees, wild flowers, birds, bluebell woods and wild garlic.   Once again the Monarch's Way did us proud.'   (Brenda Luck - Staffordshire).

'....the main reason for writing is to say a huge 'thank you' for the work and idea of the route.   We cannot begin to imagine the amount of work that must have been involved, but it was worth while.   The route led us through some of the most spectacular scenery in England, and with so little contact with roads and villages or towns.   Absolutely fabulous.'   (Sarah & Mike Wallace  - Sussex).

.....'A wonderful walk that records history, is well documented, created by one man and gives pleasure to the many who walk through this green and pleasant land of England.'  (Anne Haynes - West Midlands)

'....I must start by expressing our appreciation of the excellent way marking on the parts of the Monarch's Way that we recently walked.....we had no problems with route finding and were very impressed with the small 'stick-on' waymarks.'  (Chris Edgeley - Isle of Wight)

'....We have been inspired to tackle Book I, very enjoyable, great work.'   (Paul, Wendy & Charlotte Kneller - West Midlands)

'.....That was all amazingly quick and helpful - thank you so much for all your efforts, far beyond the call of duty!'   (Tony Wilson - Cambridge)

'The Monarch's Way is Britain's second longest signed walking trail and passes through the District.   This high profile and well-networked path provides a strong backbone for a network of green corridors to link key open space sites with settlements'.   (Salisbury District Council - Open Space Study 2006 para. 11.7 page 122)

'.......We thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the historical associations added greatly to our enjoyment.   The waymarking was excellent and your book invaluable for route finding.'   (Ruth & Terry Griffiths - South Yorkshire)

 'It is a wonderful walk and deserves to be better known',   (John Harris - Berkshire) 

' ...A wonderful concept' (Tony Wilson - Cambridge)

'Thanks for the accomodation list. I would be grateful if you would convey our sincere thanks to the 'minders' of the section through the woods north of North Wooton. The way marking was outstanding and most welcome on a wet, grey Sunday last weekend. We walked from Wells to Castle Cary on Sunday and Castle Cary to Sandford Orcas on Monday. Monday was brilliant and the views from South Cadbury and Corton Ridge were outstanding,    (Tim Hipkiss - Worcestershire)


'Just to say that I had a very good stab at the route.   I started off walking with a backpack, tent and food but after about 100 miles decided that I wasn't strong enough for another 500 so I returned for my bike and continued where I broke off using Byways and some of the Bridleways.   Your books were an excellent guide and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip making my summer truly memorable.   (Tony Golding - West Sussex).

'Thank you again for devising this fascinating walk.'   (Chris Billinghurst - North Somerset)

'By the way, the concept of the walk and ingenuity of the route are wonderful; also the directions and comments in the text are spot on, so thank you very much for designing a great trail.'   (Linda & Steve Tovey - Surrey)

......'your walk ticked all the boxes for me.'   (Keith Percival - Hampshire)

.......'On behalf of the group, may I thank you for producing such an excellent guide. We can certainly blame some of the local authorities for poor paths but your clear instructions never let us down. We walked through some beautiful countryside & visited some fascinating places - this year one participant even purchased new walking boots as we passed Peglars in Arundel. All in all a lovely project that will remain in our memories for many years to come.'    (Christopher Cheverst - Leader of the 2001/10 Monarchs' Way Walking Group).








'May I say how much I enjoyed the walks and thank you for your excellent books.   I would also like to say that I used public transport throughout, which shows it can be done!'.   (David Wearing - Berkshire).







Milk Churn Fountain - Somerset. This is no longer visible from the Monarch's Way due to a minor route alteration

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